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Red Team Resources

Red Team Blog Posts

Example Red Team Blog Post This is the description for this awesome red team blog post

Blue Team Resources

Blue Team Blog Posts

Anthonys Blog LINK description This is the description for Anthonys awesome Blue Team Test Blog

Blue Team Cheat Sheets

Anthonys Blue Team Cheatsheet description This is the description for Anthonys awesome Blue Team Cheat-Sheet

CTF Training

CTF Training Websites


“CTF challenges”

“CTF virtual machine images”



overthewire wargames
“The wargames offered by the OverTheWire community can help you to learn and practice security concepts in the form of fun-filled games.”

“CTF like game for cloud security”

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics Security Treasure Hunt

Network Forensics

Chris Sanders Packet Captures DigitalCorpora Packet Dumps Enron Email Dataset Ethereal Sample Captures Evil Fingers PCAP Challenges Kholia’s Packet Captures LBNL-FTP-PKT MAWI Working Group Traffic Archive

Malware Analysis

Contagio FakeAVs blog malc0de MalShare Open Malware / Offensive Computing theZoo / Malware DB / VXShare Virusign VX Heaven VXVault Georgia Tech malrec Page Malware Traffic Kernelmode Forum Malware Hub Forum Public Documents about APTs CLEAN MX realtime database Joxean Koret’s List Sucuri Research Labs Android Sandbox Contagio Mobile Malware HoneyDrive maltrieve

Hosting Infrastructure

Hosting a competition

Example Blogs about Hosting a competition This is the description for awesome competition hosting blogs

Scoring Engines

Example Scoring Engine This is the description for this scoring engine